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Ask a staff member about our Sales and Discounts. New products added when available. Check often!


We have 2 levels of fireworks discount pricing:

Everyday discounts and $1200 Minimum discounts. If you sign in you will be assigned to regular discounts.

**Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. first if you want $1200 discount option**

$1200 Minimum Purchase Requirements

How it works:

  • Must register and adhere to the terms and conditions
  • Must meet the minimum requirement of spending $1200 per order to recieve the discounts
  • PreOrders must be submitted before opening day.
  • Will only pickup and pay for your order during State and County permitted buying days.
  • No downpayments beforehand
  • Agree to pickup what you pre-order (if not, you will not be allowed to make future orders)
  • Pre-Orders only. You must pay and pickup at Blazing7Fireworks during state permitted days.
Only registered individuals can view discount pricing. WE DO NOT SHIP. 

Please e-mail us first with any questions.