Cakes and Artillery like no other!

We have searched long and hard to bring you a new level of performance pyro! 1.4g  500g cakes used to be 9 shot single bursting displays. Now as many as 60 shots are combined in patterned displays to make a more exciting display in the air. Our new selection of cakes are more colorful and make a better show! What used to take several cakes to make a show now takes perhaps 2 of our cakes! You won't believe this when we show you the videos of how these cakes perform! Welcome to the new 2020 performance cakes and artillery!
Here is an example of a new gen 500g Cake. (click on the cake!)

cake examples

Not sure what they do? Watch before you buy! We have videos on hand of all of our products so there is no guessing about what your purchasing!